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WordPress Resources

WordPress has a huge community and answers to common questions can usually be found by performing an internet search for your problem.

For example, if you are wondering how to add a page, just search “How to add a page in WordPress” and you will get a bunch of results including videos if you prefer to watch videos.

The official site for WordPress has everything you need to know about the latest releases, documentation, plugins, themes, and more.

A great resource for anything WordPress related. Google anything about WordPress and they usually show up.

Internet Search
Use your favorite Search engine like Google. It’s the easiest way to find answers to your questions. Just type any question about WordPress and you will most likely find the answer.

One of the best ways to learn is from watching. YouTube has a ton of videos on how to use YouTube. Just make sure you are watching more recent versions as WordPress is regularly updated and some videos can be old and show outdated versions of WordPress.

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