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Footer Options

The footer options section has settings for the footer widget area and footer bottom to set copyright text.

Footer Options

Footer Widget Area

Footer Widget Area Background: You can change the background color or use an image for the widget area. Pick a color using the color picker or upload an image.

Footer Widget Area Padding Options: Add or decrease the spacing for the footer widget area.

Footer Widget Area Typography: Change the font, spacing, size, and color of the footer widget area text.

Footer Widget Area Links Color: Change the footer links colors.

Footer Widget Titles: Change the font of the widget titles.

Footer Bottom

The footer bottom area contains copyright text, footer menu, and social media links.

Footer Bottom Options
Footer Bottom Options

Enable or Disable The Bottom Footer: Choose to enable or disable the bottom footer. If enabled, options will be displayed.

Copyright Text: Use this area to include copyright, year, links, etc.

Footer Bottom Background: Options to change background color or image.

Footer Bottom Area Padding Options: Adjust the padding/spacing for the bottom footer.

Footer Bottom Area Typography: Change the font settings and colors of the bottom footer area.

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