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Header Options

The header options menu lets you customize the header area. Choose to have a full-width header, change the background color, sticky header, and sticky header color.

Ariyah Header Options

Full Width Header

This option lets you expand the header content to the width of the website. When the full width is set to off, it will be a fixed width of the website.

Example of full-width header
Example with full-width off

Header Background

The header background menu lets you change the background of the header to either a color of your choosing or a background image.

Choosing a color or background image will give you a preview
Example of header background color

Transparent Background

The transparent header option gives you an option to have the larger image below show through as seen on the Classy look.

Transparent Header option
Click on the transparent background option if you want the hero/featured image area to show through.

Sticky Header

The stick header option lets you keep the header area on top while you scroll down on the page. This ensures that navigation is always visible and accessible.

Sticky Header Background

Option to change the color and transparency of the sticky header when scrolling. This is particularly helpful when the header is transparent.

Header Style

This option lets you choose between left logo and the main menu/navigation on the right or have the logo centered and menu below the logo.

Logo on left and menu on right
Centered logo and menu below logo
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