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Featured Image / Hero

The hero section of the site is the big featured area at the top of the website just underneath the header with the logo and menu/navigation.

You can display the featured image/hero on page by using the default page template as shown below.

The default template will show the featured image and titles depending on settings from the Theme Options.

Feature Image Options

Featured Text Box

The featured text box section lets you turn the text box in the Hero on or off.

The Classy demo is a good example that has the tagline and featured text box disabled.

Featured Text Style

Choose between two different styles: Tagline on left and featured text on right or centered with Tagline on top and featured text on the bottom.

Featured image with tagline on left and featured text box on right.

Featured Text Box Background

Change the color of the text box background.

Featured Title

Font options for the featured box title.

Featured Text

Font options for the featured box text.

Featured Image Options

Customize the featured image background size, color, etc

Use a color or upload a default image for the featured image section for pages and posts. You can also choose to repeat the image if you want a pattern as the background as well as position and size.

Featured Color Overlay

Choose a color overlay for the featured image area.


Width of the featured image area.


Height of featured image area.

Display On Category Pages

Enable to show the featured images on category pages or disable to hide

Tagline Display

Turn the tagline text on or off.

Tagline Position

Adjust the margins to change the position of the tagline. Use only numbers. Do not add px, em, or % to numbers. Use the units drop down select instead.

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